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Dr Mazen Cherif: Thinker, Poet, Strategic Expert, Sufi and Martial Arts Master. Founder of Taiping Shu (The Art of Peace)

Grandmaster of Yoga and Meditation. Famous spiritual Leader, Philosopher, Teacher, with thousands of followers around the world, and 300 schools in India and some other countries.
Swami Mitrananda, is the Advisor of the All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (AICHYK) the global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission.
SWAMI MITRANANDA is also a writer of many books. He have wonderful videos about Meditation and Illumination.
Meeting such Grandmaster and get invited to his Ashram (Meditation temple) to assist the wonderful sunrise when the Sun born again to hold the sea in another day of life, another opportunity to get better and to reach a new level.
SWAMI MITRANANDA told me some secrets of Yoga and Meditation. We have a deep harmony in thoughts about interfaith and human links beyond every differences.
When I told him about my deep respect to Grandmaster #Bodhidharma he smiled and said: we are 20 minutes close to Pallava his birth place visited by millions of Buddhist and Hindus.
So I reached my goal with the most beautiful manner.
#SWAMI_MITRANANDA was the student of a Grandmaster: #Swami_Chinmayananda. I will publish a videos about my visit to his memorial library.
All thanks to my dear brother Sayed Salman Chishty about this amazing opportunity.
I believe that Sufism is unity between all human beings. A way of love, harmony, acceptance and mercy.
To Swami assistants about the generosity, kindness and Hospitality.
And great thanks to Master Swami about that precious Thoughts and moments.
This an important article about SWAMI MITRANANDA from

This video is really AMAZING :

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