The Four Shaolin Animals Styles

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The Four Shaolin Animals Styles: Tiger, Snake, Eagle, and Crane.
The roots of Martial arts.
You need to have this knowledge🙏
It’s not only about a way of fighting, it’s about aesthetic, philosophy, fluidity, power, flexibility, energy, spirituality, meditation, science of movements and elements.
Every animal is a school, and when you go deep you will discover an universe hidden inside.
All martial arts is based in those four animals style and elements: (tiger/fire, snake/water, Eagle/air, crane/earth mixed with air.)
With other animals derivation like praying Mantis,ram or anguish (element of earth, the essence of Karate, leopard, monkey, and elephant (essence of muaythai)….
And Dragons arts are the sublimation of Animals arts and styles: you need more years of practic, meditation and research to understand this.
But it’s never late to get inside this wonderful dimension.
Are you ready to learn?
.in Zaremdin with Sensei _Ashraf_Snoussi

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