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Do you like meditation?

Do you practice internal styles like Taichi?

What is the importance of meditation in Health, mental state,  and Martial arts?

Meditation is the movement of soul through body.

Hand Seals are the password of Chakras, and the gate to vital, and spiritual energy.

We have a lot of power inside us, but we need Meditation and calm breathing to free the Dragon.

 We need connection with our inner soul, and with nature.

Elements are fundamental, travelling from the wisdom of earth element to light, using the ferocity of fire, the fluidity of water, and the smoothie of air.

 Animals spirits are the essence of martial arts, from Budi Darma time, and Shaolin Tiger, Snake, Eagle, Crane, and Mantis, and other.

The combination between them is the gate to dragons power, a river of energy and an ocean of techniques and styles.

It’s not a myth!

 But you have to believe, practice, and expertise that.

Go the Nirvana level🙏

.🖋 By @Master Mazen Cherif


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