Me and Martial arts: a brief story

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Master Mazen Cherif

When I had only five years, I started my journey with martial arts, after watching the movie of Bruce Lee: (game of death), I was amazed by the power and the movements, I wanted to be like him.
Starting with Taekwando, and karate shotokan.
When I had 15 years I started studying martial arts, reading many books, watching many movies, like the show brothers series, such as (the 36th chamber of shaolin) with the amazing Gordin liu.
Since that time when I was I child, I trained hard, really hard, and I go deep, in movements, arts, and studies.
Southern Shaolin kung fu (the temple of Honan): my favourite styles are Fu Ga ( southern tiger style) and southern dragon style
(lóng xíng mó qiáo), but i practiced eagle clow (yīng zhǎo pài) created by the legendary General and Master Yu Fei from the Song Dynasty era (960-1279).
And Snike style (shéquán), the art of fluidity, wich lead me to the wonderful Taichi, and Tang Lang (the famous praying Mantis style).
Also I practiced Northern Shaolin Kung fu (shaolin of Fukien or Fujien) such as Wite Crane kung fu (Báihè quán).
After that I discovered the Hung Gar (famous by the legendary grand master Wong Fei Hung), Choy Lee Fut (Budha boxing) created by Master Chan Heung. And what I loved the most: Wing Chun, famous by Master Ip Man, the Master of Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Kune do, and I practiced that art, with a deep studies about Bruce Lee life, thoughts, philosophy, and style, and that helped me a lot in the creation of my own Martial art.
Also I practiced Wudang kung fu: my favourite styles are Bagua zang, and Chi kung.
From the beginning I was interested by Japanese Martial arts: starting from Okinawa (Naha Te or the hand of Naha city) to Master Gishin Funakushi who changes the name to Kara Te (the empty Hand) and the creator of Shutukan.

After that I studied Guju ryu of master Yamagushi, and Kyokushin kai founded by O Sensei Oyama.
I loved Jujitsu, from Takeda ryu to Gracie Family (Brazilian jujitsu).
Aikido and the philosophy of Sensei Ushiba was fundamental in my Taiping art.
Kubudo, Bujutsu, Hapkido, Thaijutsu, and Samurai arts of Katana: Jiggen Ryu, Takeda Ryu, and Nitten Ryu of Musashi, and Ninpu, Ninjutsu, between movements of sword, fighting, and philosophy: I spent 22 years in it, since I have 18 years until now.
I also practiced Escrima of Philippines, Capoera of Brazil, Muway Thai of Thailand, kalarypayat of India, the origine of Chinese martial arts since Grand Master Budi Darma, Silat of Indonesia, and many styles of using daggers, swords, sticks, and other weapons.
So this is a brief words about my long story with martial arts, between practice, study, and writing.
When I founded Taiping Shu (the art of peace) i was going deep in knowledge, I used movements engineering,
philosophy, aesthetics, and spirituality based on Shintu, Budism, Taoism, and Islamic Sufism.
Still the way is too long, the destination is behind limits.

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