A Martial Arts Diary

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My journey with martial arts was a long and painful journey.
I started with Taekwondo at the age of five (1984), after I saw a movie of Bruce Lee, and I was fascinated.
I excelled legs movements after ten hard years of training because it was very difficult Circumstances.
After that I started Karate Nahate and Shotokan, with more than 500 fist to makiwara every day.
I discovered Shaolin kung fu, I was amazed, I trained day and night, I get sick several times because of hard training, get injured many times, never stop.
Running almost every day from home to high school (8 kilometres), I was very poor but very powerful very smart, a young poet Dragon, a fearless Tiger.
In 1998 I was in university, I discovered Wing Chun, Ju Jutsu, Muway Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu.
I spent thousands of hours training with experts.
I readed a lot of books about Martial Arts: history from Buddi Dharma to the Creation of Karate by Gishin Fuakushi in 1924, history of Ninja and Samurai, Wing Chun and Jeetkunedo created by Bruce Lee wich I excelled to with Aikido and Taichi and other schools.. .
I readed almost all reflections of Grand Master Henry Plee about zen in Karate Bushido famous french magazine.
In 2000 I accidentally opened the seven gates (Shakra).
And I met my real master.
Everything get to a new level since than, but with more difficulties, more pain, a lot of training, reading, writing, meditation, and philosophy.
In 2007 I created my Taiping Shu after crossing all Dragons gates, something that no one can understand until he lives the experience.
So this is a Summary of my journey
Martial Arts, Poetry and Love was my life conpanions, escorting me in darkness, pain, and sadness.
I travelled to many countries, met many Grand Masters.
Those some flashes recorded in many places (India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia), with use of different schools and styles.
I have more, I will prove more and more.
With love and peace.
With respect to all Martial Arts Schools and Masters in the past and now..
This is my declaration of war against darkness and badness.
I will reveal my special martial art.
If you believe, you will be amused.
If you don’t, you will be shocked.
Trust me in that.
*Video tribute to my dear brother and disciple Abdelwahab Cherif.

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